Friday, 4 December 2015

Making the Right Choice in Bedding for Your Rabbit


Those who own pet rabbits will know: when it comes to choosing bedding for your pet, the options are almost endless. This can make it very hard to know what’s best for your pet. However, there are a few types which consistently rise above the rest when it comes to rabbit care, and which merit consideration from everyone looking to make their pet comfortable and safe at home.

Natural Options

  • Hay or straw are excellent options. They retain warmth well, they are comfortable, and actually help rabbits with their digestive processes. However, this material can be a bit messy, and is best for pets kept in outdoor spaces.
  • Natural wood pulp fibers are great if you’re looking for odor control, and a safe, soft and less messy material for your rabbit’s enclosure.

Other Materials

  • Though it is not highly recommended, recycled paper is an effective and cheap material which can be used for bedding. It is absorbent, but does not cover odor very well.

Though these options are more natural and a bit more beneficial than other bedding types, it is always important to seek the advice of your veterinarian when it comes to the proper care of your pet. For further details about choosing the proper bedding for your rabbit, visit this website for a rabbit vet in San Jose.

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